Luxury Travel Concierge for the Discerning Traveler


My bespoke itineraries are for travelers who have been waiting patiently for this phase of life where they finally have time to do exactly what they want to do but are feeling a little lost and unsettled with the scope of the world and its amazing offerings.

I deliver itineraries that leave clients wowed, experiencing a sense of wonder, and with a feeling of complete joy that is exactly what they have dreamed of all their working lives.

Let me plan your trip for ocean, river, or land adventures!

Hello! I’m Sherman Koch.

I am in love with serving people as a travel expert and with seeing my expertise contribute to the amazing and unique experiences people have on their trips. I feel a strong desire to engage with people’s wanderlust and need to experience the world in a grand way. I started YonderMust Travel as a way to serve travelers’ desires to have luxury adventures and give their trips the special touch they deserve.


I have the pleasure of researching, designing and planning custom vacation itineraries for folks looking to explore the world.

Custom Curated Luxury Travel Whether on Land, Sea, or River

I craft memorable custom itineraries with all the bells and whistles, trips that create memories to last a lifetime and form bonds that transcend generations.

I specialize in ocean and river cruising, but also have deep connections with partners to allow me to create amazing custom trips. My goal isn’t to stuff your itinerary full of activities that give you no room to breathe, but to produce experiences and adventures that will expand your appreciation for this amazing planet.


Top 6 Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor

If you’re here you might be wondering “why should I use a travel advisor?” or “what benefit can they offer me that I can’t get on my own?” Those questions—and more—are exactly what I answer in my Top 6 Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor! Fill out the form below to receive this amazing resource!

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Top 6 Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor