I have the pleasure of researching, designing and planning custom vacation itineraries for freshly retired folks looking to explore the world.

My clients have been patiently waiting for this phase of life where they finally have time to do exactly what they want to do but are feeling a little lost and unsettled by not having their career as their guiding light. They want to travel the world, explore all of its treasures and escape the empty feeling of not being needed, and value someone with the experience or connections to create the kind of curated vacations they desire

that's where I come in!


Hi, I'm Sherman Koch

I then dive in deep with my exceptional research skills and unrivaled passion for creating experiences above and beyond my clients’ expectations. I combine this with my insider network of international resources to deliver itineraries that have my clients completely wowed, experiencing a sense of wonder, feeling complete joy and exactly what they have dreamed of all their working lives.
They feel so fulfilled and completely connected to their destination and their loved ones with whom they travel. They return feeling accomplished, renewed, and enthusiastic about their next adventure.

My Story

I grew up in a small farming community in northern California and wasn’t exposed to the greater world as an adolescent. Fast forward a few years and I was feeling lost and unfulfilled in a desk job I wasn’t in love with. Then on a whim I got a commercial driving license and left to work all over the United States and Canada as a charter tour bus driver and guide. I fell in love with serving people as a travel expert and with seeing my expertise contribute to the amazing and unique experiences people had on their trips. 


I bring my exceptional listening skills and friendly, approachable nature to the fact-finding part of the process.

I knew then that travel and helping others would be a large part of my life forever.

A Few of My Favorite adventures

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River Cruise on the Duoro in Portugal


Family Cruises in the Caribbean


Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea


Amazing Alaska


National Parks


Heavenly Hawaii

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Ready for the lowdown on what I can do for you?

Need a recommendation on which river to cruise or what ocean ports to hit? If you’re ready to hear about how I can create amazing itineraries for your multigenerational family trip or romantic getaway, head over to my services page.

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