Your travel concierge, at your service.

From our initial call all the way to you unpacking back at home (and beyond!), I will be with you every step of the way supporting your desires to travel. I'll organize your travel, whether it is a romantic getaway for two or a multigenerational trip of 50 people.

Let me take the reins and remove the stress from travel planning.

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Imagine planning a vacation without wanting to pull your hair out.

Imagine it being a nice experience, one where you feel like you're getting exactly what you want out of the trip without having to worry about the details. 

YonderMust Travel can take care of all the planning for you, from private airport transfers to the best sightseeing tours and even chocolate-dipped strawberries on your nightstand.

Not only that, but you'll also have someone ready to jump in if there's any sort of disruption during your vacation. We have deep connections with many suppliers and leverage those relationships to your benefit, whether it's for little extra touches or support if things go wrong.

Feeling lost and don’t know which ship, location, or activity is actually worth your time

Not up to speed on the ever-changing landscape of entry and return rules for international travel

Don’t have the time—or patience—to wade through countless offers to pick the right vacation

Want to plan something for a group of people larger than you feel you can manage

Recognize that you can’t VIP yourself

Have you run into any of these struggles?

Benefits of working with me as your trusted travel advisor:

By letting me handle the planning and booking stages of your vacation, you'll get time back in your life to spend as you see fit!

In some cases, my status as an advisor with a Virtuoso-affiliated agency allows me to secure many exclusive benefits, such as free breakfast for two during hotel stays or extra statement credits on ocean and river cruises.

Another benefit of working with me is having someone in your corner who's ready to fight and advocate for you in the event of any difficulties.

Peace of mind that I will have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed when it comes to your documents and travel rules.

my signature planning process:

Connect and Collaborate

After filling out our brief inquiry form, we'll schedule a complimentary meeting with you. This can take place in person, over a video call, or via traditional phone call. During the meeting, we'll discuss your hopes and dreams for your amazing travel adventure and ask a lot of questions to determine the best experiences for you.



If you think we'll be a good fit, we'll send over our service agreement and planning fee. Once you take care of those, we'll start working on your trip! Depending on the complexity of your itinerary, this can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days.



After we design your itinerary, we'll deliver it to you. Depending on the trip, there may be a few options to choose from, and we welcome minor tweaks and changes to make sure you get exactly what you want. You'll have two weeks to review the itinerary and decide if you want to continue with the booking process.


Book It!

With the itinerary approved we move forward into booking and managing all of your travel; flights, transfers, hotel reservations, tours, and more.


The Waiting Game

Don't think that once you've booked with us, we'll forget about you! We'll stay in contact with you in the months, weeks, and days leading up to your travel. You'll have the option to receive printed materials, and you'll also have access to your itinerary on a mobile app.


This Is It!

We support you and follow along unobtrusively to make sure everything goes smoothly during your travels. When you return, we’ll check in with you and look forward to hearing about your amazing journey.


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